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Natural in-home newborn and baby photography in Leeds

A relaxed home photoshoot with simple all inclusive pricing.

Nathan Green with son Samuel

Hi! 👋 I'm Nathan, a newborn and baby photographer based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

A lifestyle in-home photoshoot captures the real life. Those transient moments, everyday details and the connection with your baby and family home.

Read more about what a lifestyle in-home photoshoot is and how it is different to a studio shoot.

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Just be yourselves, relaxed and natural

No posing, no direction, no outfit changes. Just you, your family and your baby exactly how you are.

The only important thing is that you can be yourselves. And this, in my opinion, makes for the most genuine style of photography - natural and honest.

A studio can be daunting, not just for the parents but for the baby too. Surely you can't have a more natural environment than your own home, right?

Read the 5 reasons to have an in-home photoshoot with your newborn or baby.


An all inclusive price with no hidden extras.

Different photographers have different ways of pricing. Packages, session fees, price per digital file. Forget all that. The simple price is £150 and it is all inclusive.

What does that include?

When you book you get the photoshoot session, which is normally a couple of hours and all your edited photos (usually between 20 and 40) in an online gallery to share, download, view and do as you please - they are yours to keep.

If you do want some photos printing, I can help with that. But feel free to print them off for yourself, there are no obligations.

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Portfolio of newborn and baby photoshoots

A gallery split between newborn and baby photoshoots. Or check out my Instagram gallery.

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Newborn Ted cradled by Mum and Dad

Newborn photoshoots

0- 2 months

Capture your newborns first moments and tiny details. Those tired yawns, milk coma's and tranquil naps unfortunately don't last forever.

Newborn photoshoots
Baby held closely by Mum

Baby photoshoots

2+ months

Giggling, sitting, rolling and playing. Babies start to explore the world with their own unique personality.

Baby photoshoots

Telling your story with photographs at any age.

Whether your baby is a newborn, learning how to roll or sitting tall, there are no rules on when to capture stories of your baby.

You should have the choice to decide, which is why I photograph babies of all ages. Surrounded by their toys, nursery and other reminders will bring you back to this point in time.

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Rated 5 stars

"Nathan was so down to earth & fantastic with our six-month-old daughter. We would highly recommend Nathan to capture those special moments. Lastly, we would like to thank Nathan once again for the gorgeous images of our baby girl."

- Melissa Orme

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6 month baby laying in cot looking at Mum

Want to know more about me?

Read more about how I got into photography and that my favourite snack is a loaf of Soreen.

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Photoshoot questions.

Frequently asked questions about in home photoshoots.

What is the price and what is included?

I have one price of £150.00. That includes an online gallery of all the selected images (normally between 20 and 40) where you can view, download and share. I believe in simple, all inclusive pricing with no hidden extras. Life is already complicated enough without being upsold or misled!

Can you offer photos to be printed?

Of course! I am a strong believer that photos should be printed. If that is something you want, we can definitely arrange that - but feel free to organise your own printing if that suits you too, there are no obligations.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

The photoshoot will take place in the comfort of your own home. Take the stress out of trying to get to a studio with nappy sacks, travel cots and cuddly toys. You, your family and most importantly your baby will feel most comfortable in your own home.

What if my baby needs a nap or feeding?

This is best part about being in your own home. There are no time limits and the session is completely baby lead. Baby needs feeding? We stop for a feed. Baby needs a power nap? We sit down with a brew. Modeling can be hard work!

What areas do you cover?

I'm based in Leeds but I am happy to travel, generally covering Yorkshire. There could be a small additional charge to cover travel costs but I will explain everything when I give you a quote.

What do I need for the home photoshoot?

Quite simply you don't need anything. Read more about how to prepare for an in home photoshoot. I will bring everything I need which is generally just a camera and a standing light.

What is the best age for a photoshoot?

Every baby age and milestone is special in their own way. The photography style slightly changes with different ages but each stage is memorable.

New parents worry about capturing the very early stages of a newborn, which is typically within the first 2 weeks - but sometimes that isn't doable. Newborns are still cute and squishy for some time after that.

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Theo just 6 days old

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7 month super chilled Ethan

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If there was an award for the most chilled baby at a photoshoot, Ethan would totally win. He was brilliant from start to finish with so many laughs and smiles! Also, HAIR.

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7 month old Sophie

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Sophie and her parents were a joy to photograph which made for lovely natural and authentic photos. Reading was definitely a favourite with Dad.

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Ivy at 7 months old

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Baby Ivy was such a natural behind the camera with plenty of smiles and playful giggles. An in-home photoshoot with Mum, Dad and Grandma.

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Baby sat smiling with Dad

7 month Jamie

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Nathan Green in Baby photoshoots


The cheeky chappy 7-month-old Jamie was a delight on his first in-home photoshoot with Mum, Dad and Grandparents. Plenty of lovely natural moments captured.

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7 week old baby

Freya 7 weeks new

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Nathan Green in Newborn photoshoots


Tiny Freya at just 7 weeks new had her first in-home photoshoot and we went through the full range of emotions. That very first smile was caught on camera!

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