7 month baby playing on floor with Dad

How to prepare for an in home photoshoot

Nathan Green

Nathan Green in Photography


An in-home photoshoot is such a different style to a typical studio shoot and plenty of parents worry about how to prepare themselves, the baby and their home for this type of shoot. The concept of having a photoshoot in your home is capturing you, your baby and your family home the way it is now, not staged for the camera - or at least not drastically.

What do I need to do before the photoshoot?

You'll be pleased to know that you don't need to do anything. These type of photoshoots are completely baby lead and I photograph the baby doing exactly what they like to do the most, whether that is playing on the floor, reading a book or bouncing in a jumperoo.

Don't feel like you need to meticulously clean your house. Trust me, nobody is looking at anything other than your baby who is taking the main stage in the photographs. Don't get me wrong, a little tidy up can go a long way to making the photos look a lot less cluttered but don't make your house look like a magazine show home - unless it is, of course.

Babies create chaos, mess and general disorder around your previously sparkling home. But this all adds to the authenticity of the photoshoot. Those favourite toys in the background are what reminds you of this time in their life and something that will be looked back on in years to come. Although, you might see me dashing to turn the TV off because nobody wants Coronation Street omnibus in the background of their beautiful photographs.

Baby reading book with Dad

What should I wear? What should I dress my baby in?

Dress how you normally would dress day to day, if you want to. Dress in something different if you want to do that too. It is completely your choice. These types of photoshoots are intended to look as though I was never there and you would be doing the same things on this day as you would be doing every day. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable in your own home.

It is the same for your baby too. A comfortable baby is a happy baby and sometimes the traditionally cute outfits which look good on one photograph doesn't always make for the most comfortable photoshoot. Dress your baby however you like but don't feel like you have to go out and get a new outfit just for the photos. The most important thing is having a relaxed happy baby with plenty of wriggle room to play, nap and generally be a baby.

Have a little think about what kind of things your baby enjoys at this age

This one just helps me a little bit, just to plan things and give me a few ideas of how we can incorporate those things in the home photoshoot. Are they at an age where they love being on their tummy playing with a toy? Or maybe they enjoy being read to. Whatever they enjoy doing the most is what I like to capture - it creates memories of exactly who they are at this age.

Are there certain rooms in the house you enjoy being with your baby the most? Do they play in the living room or enjoy being in their cot in the nursery? Don't overthink it though, just a few ideas really help.

If you're struggling for ideas or inspiration, have a look at some of my previous in home photoshoots. Either newborn photoshoots or baby photoshoots.

Baby sat with Dad smiling

There won't be any directing from me

A lot of people get nervous or anxious at the thought of a photoshoot, but hopefully, you'll feel slightly more relaxed being in your own home. A typical photography session usually involves lots of posing, directing and general awkwardness - this is not me. I wouldn't like that myself so I won't do that to you either. You won't catch me saying "tilt your head this way" or "can we try that again", that is not natural at all.

My aim is to let your baby lead the shoot. If they need a break, we'll have a break. If they are wanting to play with some toys, then that is what we'll do. I'll be in the background as much as possible capturing as the moments unfold.

I may, from time to time, suggest a change of scene or prompt to sit with Dad instead of Mum for a few minutes. This just helps the photographs feel fresh with different styles across a relatively short period of time.

So all in all, you don't need to do anything out of the ordinary. There is no planning or preparing for the photoshoot on your part, but if you feel like you need to ask a few questions, please get in touch.