6 month baby Louis laying in his cot

Louis in home baby photoshoot

Nathan Green

Nathan Green in Baby photoshoots


Handsome little Louis was a cheeky chappy and loved his photoshoot. Louis was the perfect model throughout the shoot with so many smiles and giggles. A lovely family home with a newly engaged couple made for a very relaxed atmosphere which definitely comes through on the photographs - even the doggo's wanted to be in on it!

Here are some of my favourites from the photoshoot with Louis, Laura and Danny.

Baby smiling at camera being held by Dad

Baby laughing at Mum being held by Dad

Baby sat on Dad's knee looking at dogs

Mum holding baby up in the air kissing his cheek

Baby sat on Mum's knee looking at the camera

Baby stood with Mum looking at Dad

Baby laying in cot looking at Mum and Dad

Dad cuddling baby laughing

Baby stood on Mum's knee smiling at Dad

Baby sucking thumb in cot

Baby sat in cot