Sleeping 3 week old newborn Ted

Ted in-home newborn photoshoot

Nathan Green

Nathan Green in Newborn photoshoots


Ted was just three weeks old at his first in-home photoshoot. He was a delight to photograph from start to finish, with no fuss when going between room to room.

We tried to capture a day in the life of Ted, Mum and Dad in just over an hour and he was the perfect model. Plenty of cute photos for Mum and Dad to look back on over the years, with little reminders of his nursery and family home.

Here are a few photos from the photoshoot.

Sleeping newborn with Mum and Dad nearby

Yawning newborn on changing table

Newborn looking around for Dad

Sleeping newborn baby with personalised cover

Newborn drinking milk

Sleeping newborn in cot with Mum and Dad nearby

Sleeping newborn cuddled by Mum

Yawning newborn held by Dad

Mum and Dad looking lovingly at newborn

Newborn laid in cot cradled by Mum